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How does our corporate leasing program work?  

It’s simple. You have credit issues; our corporate partners and resources have great credit. We help you rent anywhere of your choosing at any luxury apartment community in your area, by submitting an application on your behalf under the apartment community’s corporate leasing option, our corporate partner will submit your name as the official occupant that will be residing on the property.  

The apartment communities will review our corporate housing partners financials, rental history, rental references, and business credit score; which will grant you housing approval. You will be responsible for paying the monthly rent, required deposits, and other bills related to the property.    

Cost and Fees:

In the corporate leasing program there are 3 total separate fees.

1st Fee: The first fee is a $200.00 service fee to get the process started. We use the $200.00 to process your rental application, organize the paperwork needed, verify your identity, help you locate luxury apartment communities in your location,  and run your background check.  

2nd Fee: The second fee is set by the apartment community you selected, which is an application and admin fee. This amount varies depending on which apartment community you select and what their required app and admin fees are. After you've selected the rental property you would like for us to apply to on your behalf, we will start the application process with the rental property and place you on the application as the primary occupant that will be residing there. We will also be in close communication with you to select which unit and floorplan you want.

3rd Fee: The final fee is the risk fee, which is the same amount as the monthly rent. So if your monthly rent amount is $1200.00, you will be invoiced $1200.00. Please also note, the risk fee may vary depending on the luxury apartment you selected. Some properties require us to pay extra fees to secure a new rental and thus will be reflected in the risk fee amount. The absolute most the risk fee should ever be is 1 month and a half deposit. This amount is placed in our escrow account for the duration of your lease term just in case you default we will be responsible for paying the property any late payments. Your risk fee payment helps us secure our relationship with the rental properties. The risk fee is released to us from escrow after your lease agreement is up. The risk fee is not a deposit that you will receive back, it is a service fee for us for giving you the opportunity to participate in our corporate leasing program.  Still have questions?

                                                    Review our FAQ section for corporate leasing: Click Here


This program allows you to rent luxury apartments based on your income with corporate leasing. 

No Credit Check is ever needed or required for this program.

There is an income requirement for this program. Your household income must be at least $3,000.00 a month.

Proof of income and identity is required for this program.


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