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What are corporate housing co-signers?


Corporate housing co-signers are companies that provide housing co-signing services for renters who may have credit issues preventing them from renting an apartment or home using their own social security number. The corporate co-signer uses their company’s good business credit score and proof of income to get an approval for the rental selected by the customer. The customer is submitted as the primary occupant that will be residing in the residence on the application.     


How does the process work?

1. You find and select the apartment or home you want.

2. Our corporate partner fills out the application on your behalf through the apartment community corporate leasing application. Your name will be submitted as the primary occupant.

3. Pay all Admin, Application, and any deposit fees. 

4. After approval, move in.

  Benefits of Having A Co-Signer:

  • Avoid the hassle of finding a cosigner or paying extra security deposits.
  • Avoid your application being rejected because of your personal credit issues.
  • Avoid using your personal credit for the approval process.
  • On time rent payments are reported to credit bureaus, improving your credit.

Common Questions About Our Co-Signer Service:

Are there any additional fees?

Additional fees depend on which corporate co-signer you select from our list and which apartment community you select. The apartment community for example may require an application fee, move in fee, etc. Depending on different variables like your income, location, etc the corporate co-signer may require a fairly small and reasonable fee to co-sign on your rental application.   

Is there a min. required income?

No, but please note most apartment communities have a min. income requirement to rent from them. Some of the corporate co-signers may also enforce a min. income requirement depending on which apartment community you select compared to your monthly income.  

Will I have to provide my Social Security number for this program?

No, but you will be required to prove your identity and income.

How long does approval take?

This depends on you. The faster you provide proof of income, identity, and apartments you would like to rent the faster the process will go. This isn’t a slow application process. Our goal is to process your information and provide you your order as fast as possible. 

How does the apartment community benefit?

As corporate co-signers, the co-signer gives the apartment community a guarantee that rent will be made on time all the time, and if you, the customer, moves out early or fails to pay the rent, the responsibility falls on the co-signer to pay off the lease.  The apartment community benefits by being insured through a corporate co-signer that all payments will be made accordingly.

What are other qualifying factors?

Some apartment communities require applicants to pass a background check first.  A clean criminal history helps your case.