Bad Credit? Evictions? We can help.

  Second Chance Housing Program

Corporate Leasing Program



Second Chance Apartments:  

Don't waste anymore money on rental application fees. Save time and money by being matched with Second Chance Apartment Rentals in your area that accept applicants who may have an eviction, broken lease, poor credit score, foreclosure, bankruptcy and other negative items on their credit report.


    Luxury No Credit Check Apartments via Corporate Leasing Program:

If you have a specific rental property in mind that is not included on our second chance apartment list, no worries! We can still help you move into the rental property of your choice without running your personal credit. However, you must have provable income to qualify for this service. It’s simple. You have credit issues; our corporate partners have great credit. We help you rent anywhere of your choosing at any apartment or housing rentals in your area, by submitting an application on your behalf either under the rental application's co-signer option or corporate leasing option. Our corporate partner will submit your name as the official occupant that will be residing on the property. The landlord or property manager will review our corporate partner's financials, rental history, rental references, and excellent business credit score; which will grant you housing approval. You will be responsible for paying the monthly rent, required deposits, and other bills related to the property.