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Second Chance Housing Services

   Refund Policy:   100% Money Back Guarantee

 Refund Policy: 100% Money Back Guarantee


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This package includes the following:

  • A Full List of Second Chance Apartments that accept poor credit score, evictions, broken lease, late payments, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and more in your selected area of interest based on zip code. List includes apartment name, full address, website, phone number, and more. 


  • Co-signer Services. For customers who want to expand their apartment search beyond the second chance matches we provide them with, we also provide co-signer resources. The co-signer service can be applied to any housing rental of the renter's choice. Co-signers are companies or individuals that provide housing co-signing services to renters who may have credit issues preventing them from renting an apartment or home in their own name. A co-signer will sign the rental application as a co-signer on behalf of the customer using the their good credit score and proof of income to get an approval. Click Here to Learn More


  • Corporate Leasing Program: It’s simple. You have credit issues; our corporate partners and resources have great credit. We help you rent anywhere of your choosing at any luxury apartment community in your area, by submitting an application on your behalf under the apartment community’s corporate leasing option, our corporate partner will submit your name as the official occupant that will be residing on the property. The apartment communities will review our corporate housing partners financials, rental history, rental references, and business credit score; which will grant you housing approval. You will be responsible for paying the monthly rent, required deposits, and other bills related to the property.


  • Personal Case Manager and 24 hour Customer Support:  We are here to help you through the process 100% of the way. We won't stop working with you until you are approved. Our job is to take away your frustration and use our years of knowledge, skills, and resources to get you the results you want. We get it, being approve for housing when you have credit issues can be a difficult challenge. Don't waste anymore money on ridiculous application fees just to be rejected, there's another way; we are that way. 


  • Text and E-mail Notification:  The moment your order is in processing you will receive an immediate text and e-mail notification informing you on the status of your second chance housing order.      


  • Receive Order within 1 hour. That's right! receive your order within an hour. We know you need housing fast, so we process and send orders super fast!


  • Refund Policy: 100% Money Back Guarantee. Our Guarantee: We will provide you with a list of second chance apartments and housing options and get you approved! If, for any reason, we fail to fulfill our service agreement we will refund you, it’s that simple. Any customer that requests a refund because they weren't approved must at the very minimum have full time employment to be approved for a refund.