Corporate Leasing Program

It’s simple. You have credit issues; our corporate partners have established excellent credit. We help you rent anywhere of your choosing at just about any apartment community or private owner in your area, by submitting an application on your behalf under the apartment community’s corporate leasing option. Our corporate partner will submit your name as the official occupant that will be residing in the rental property. The property manager will review our corporate partner's financials, rental history, and business credit score; which will grant you housing approval. You will be responsible for paying the monthly rent and other bills related to the property.   

This program allows you to rent just about any property rental based on your income with corporate leasing. 

There is absolutely No Credit Check for this program.


Note: Please read the entire page before applying to the Corporate Leasing Program. 

Who is our corporate partner?

A nationally recognized company called Processing Center LLC, America's leading corporate lease service provider. Processing Center LLC specializes in National Corporate Leasing Services and primarily partner with College Universities and Corporations to assist grad students, professionals, and high profile individuals with corporate leasing services. recently partnered with Processing Center LLC to help our customers, who may have credit issues and past evictions, get the privileges of corporate leasing. Processing Center LLC agreed to allow our team here at to exclusively underwrite and approve our qualified clients to participate in their Corporate Leasing services if we agreed to take on all risk shall a client default on their rent.  What does this mean? If a client defaults on their rent, we are held responsible for paying the entire lease term to remain in good standing with our corporate partner. It’s VERY important each client pays their rent on time so that we can continue helping customers like you for many years down the road.  

Who are our clients? 

  • Entrepreneurs/Freelancers
  • Victims of identity theft
  • Victims of creditors reporting incorrect and harmful information on their credit report.
  • International Students and Professionals
  • Individuals who have poor credit and desires a true second chance at establishing positive rental history.

What are the qualifications?

  • Must have clean criminal background.
  • Must have a valid legal ID Card or Driver's License. 
  • Must have source of income.
  • Must be over the age of 18.  



Corporate Leasing


1st Fee: Registration Fee - (Paid upfront) 

Our corporate leasing partner requires a $300.00 upfront Registration Fee to get the process started. The $300.00 fee is used to legally add your name as a contractor under the corporate entity which will grant you legal rights to rent as a resident under our corporate lease agreement with your selected property management company or landlord. The starter fee is also used to run a basic background check and verify identity.

After your payment of the $300.00 Registration Fee you will be re-directed to fill out a full rental application, our team will pull the information on your full rental application and use it to submit your rental application to properties under our corporate lease. You will then search and select the rental properties you would like for us to apply to on your behalf. You may use any online housing search tool to help you locate suitable rentals. We require you to provide our team between 3 to 5 luxery apartment options you are interested in applying to.

2nd Fee: Risk Fee: (Paid after approval into the selected property rental) 

The second and final fee is a risk fee deposit of one month's rent. This fee is stored in our corporate savings account during the term of the leasing agreement to cover any rental defaults from clients. Please Note: This fee is not a deposit you will receive back after your lease term. Our collected risk fees from clients allows us to securely provide our services by giving us the capital necessary to support renters who are classified as high risk. Furthermore, some property managers require us to provide financial proof that we can support the potential risk associated with our clients. 

 This deposit is like a security deposit. It’s a deposit designed to assure the risk management department the occupant on our corporate lease is a well invested and responsible tenant. This deposit is not required until the client has been fully approved to move in. Client may pay the deposit on or before move in day. 

Other Potential Fees:

App/Admin Fee:

If the property management company or landlord requires an application and/or administrative fee to apply for the selected rental property clients are solely responsible for paying the required app/admin fee.

Monthly Rent and Utilities:

Clients are solely responsible for paying the monthly rent directly to the property management company or landlord, and paying any other bills associated with the rental property.

Refund Policy:

We offer a Money Back Guarantee if we fail to fulfill our service agreement, which literally never happens if given a fair opportunity to help our clients. It’s not fair that we take your money if you don’t get any value out of our service. However, before paying us any money please be sure this is a program for you. Our team works extremely hard to get our clients approved for quality housing, so you must be willing to give us a fair opportunity to help you get approved for housing. Our Program Works! If you are not committed to the process of getting you approved for a property rental in your selected area do not make any payments to us or our corporate partner. This program is for serious applicants only.

Details of refund policy:

If fails to fulfil our service agreement in successfully getting a client approved for housing, will refund the client 100% of all fees paid to our company. Period. Point Black.  

If a customer joins our program and later decides to drop out before allowing our team to serve them will only be granted a 50% refund of the Registration Fee.  

If a customer fails to submit requested documents, information, or application payments to property management companies or landlords to give their account or case manager the information and authorization needed to work their case will only be granted a 50% refund of the Registration Fee.  

How does get paid?

Our Corporate Partner pays us a fee after our client moves into the rental property and pays their first month’s rent. If you appreciate our service and want to express your gratitude, then please pay your first month’s rent. We take tremendous pride in helping people who have been unfairly kicked out of the housing rental system get approved for a nice rental. Our company is one of the only legitimate companies that focuses on helping good people with credit issues get a second chance at renting.

Proof of Income:

 We offer clients who are entrepreneurs, freelancers, or earn income non-traditionally a corporate employment shielding service. Which means, if our underwriter department approves you into the program we will legally add you under our corporate entity as a contractor and help you provide proof of income as a third party service to property managers and landlords based on the income amount you earn independently and your listed employment information. We do not willfully or intentionally falsify any information to the property manager or landlord, we simply produce the pay stub material our clients authorizes us to make based on the submitted information from the full rental application of the client. Clients should actually earn the amount they say they do (Even though we don't verify this information). We do understand not everyone may have paper copy pay stubs or can produce banking deposit information if they don't have a traditional bank account, and in our opinion such people don't deserve to be denied or banned from renting for simply opting not to earn income at a traditional company or store their money in a traditional bank. This type of discrimination and systematic bias in the American housing rental system is wrong. Our loyalty is to our clients first, not the property manager.   

How long does it take for a client to move into a rental with this program?

Every situation is different, so the proper answer is it’s a case by case basis. We have clients who move in as soon as 2 days from joining the program. We also have clients who list their move in date as 30 days from their application submission. This mostly depends on the client.  The faster you submit your full rental application package, the sooner you will move. Your monthly rental budget and desired location also plays a factor. Please have reasonable expectations when selecting your monthly rental budget and desired location. Example: If a customer selects they are re-locating to Manhattan, NY, wants a 2 bedroom, with a rental budget of $500.00 a month. Manhattan, NY is a very high demand upscale area, and the average rent in Manhattan is $3,900.00/month (For a 1 bedroom). Therefore, locating an apartment rental for $500.00 a month is impossible; especially for second chance renters. We can only provide the customer with results based on what’s available in that area for the rental amount. We respectfully request that customers are reasonable in their expectations and will strongly consider the average apartment rental amount in their desired area of interest when selecting their rental budget for a housing rental.

Is the corporate leasing program for standard housing or luxury?