Corporate Leasing Program FAQs


Can your company help me get approved? 

With our excellent credit, financials and references from properties we do business with, our company gets approved for 99% of properties.  We are the kind of company that has enough resources and cash reserves to always pay our bills, no matter what. 


What does it take to get approved? 

With us your household income is your credit – not your credit score.  Our approval rate is 99% for those who qualify and make $3,000.00 or more in gross household per month. 


What services do I pay for? 

You are responsible for paying our service fee of $200.00, the app and admin fee of the apartment community you select, and the risk fees.  Our fees are for our rental guarantee program only. That service is to get you approved for the rental of your choice.  The application, administrative, deposit, and monthly rental fee is payable to the property directly and are not part of our fees. 

                                                                                Cost and Fees:

In the corporate leasing program there are 3 total separate fees.

1st Fee: The first fee is a $200.00 service fee to get the process started. We use the $200.00 to process your rental application, organize the paperwork needed, verify your identity, help you locate luxury apartment communities in your location,  and run your background check.  

2nd Fee: The second fee is set by the apartment community you selected, which is an application and admin fee. This amount varies depending on which apartment community you select and what their required app and admin fees are. After you've selected the rental property you would like for us to apply to on your behalf, we will start the application process with the rental property and place you on the application as the primary occupant that will be residing there. We will also be in close communication with you to select which unit and floorplan you want.

3rd Fee: The final fee is the risk fee, which is the same amount as the monthly rent. So if your monthly rent amount is $1200.00, you will be invoiced $1200.00. This amount is placed in our escrow account for the duration of your lease term just in case you default we will be responsibility for fulfilling your rental obligation, and your risk fee payment helps us secure our relationship with the rental properties. The risk fee is released to us from escrow after your lease agreement is up. The risk fee is not a deposit that you will receive back, it is a service fee for us for giving you the opportunity to participate in our corporate leasing program.    


Who do I pay rent to every month? 

You pay the management company or apartment complex directly. 


Do I have to pay your company every month? 

No.  You never have to pay us again for the term of the lease we obtained for you.  If you want to renew your initial lease term we obtained your approval for, you will have to pay a renewal fee to us (very much like your car insurance).  However, if are able to obtain approval on your own at the time of lease renewal, there is no further fees to our company since the lease would be transferred to your own personal name, without the company’s name.  

Income Minimum 

You must make a combined gross household income of at least 3x the amount of your monthly rent as net ‘take home pay income, with the minimum net take home pay being $3,000.00.  You must not be in a current financial bind. Only your credit is holding you back from getting approved on some of the finer properties. 

Cost to Use Our *Stellar* Credit:

Our rental guarantee program is a for-profit paid service that helps individuals with no credit or bad credit, but are financially stable.  We charge a nominal fee to help clients that desire to live in class “A” luxury rentals.  This fee is referred to as a ‘Risk Free’. 

Rental Qualification Guidelines: 

Occupancy Guidelines – The following occupancy standards apply on 2 person per bedroom, plus one per home.   

1 Bedroom – 3 Persons 

2 Bedroom – 5 Persons 

3 Bedroom – 7 Persons 

4 Bedroom – 9 Persons 

5 Bedroom – 11 Persons 

6+ Bedroom – Contact Us 


Age – Applicants must be 18 years of age or older unless deemed to be an adult under applicable law with respect to the execution of contracts. 


Credit – No credit history will be used.  No credit check will be performed to evaluate your application for approval.  Your job is your credit.  Your social security number is not required on the application at this time. 

Income – Gross income for all applicants in one home will be combined and entered into the credit scoring model for income eligibility.  Applicants must have a minimum combined net ‘take home pay’ income of 3x (times) the monthly rent. 


Employment – If your new employment is to begin shortly, the applicant must provide a “offer of employment and acceptance” to hire from the employer. 

Self-Employment, Retired or Unemployed – Such applicant must provide two month’s bank statements and must exhibit no negative references or financial hardship, other than credit, of course. 

Deposit for Rental to Apartment Community, Landlord or Management Company – These amounts are set by the Landlord and for which we have no control over.  Payments to a third party are for that party only and does not include our fee for doing business. 

Rental Application Quick Start Guide 

Our streamlined application process makes renting as easy as possible.  In 3 days or less you could be living in the home of your dreams.  Get started today. 

We will contact landlord, owner or property Management Company and apply on your behalf using our credit credentials, financials and rental references. Credit approval time is generally within 3 business days by the property, after they check the company’s credit and do a background check on you ‘the person(s) living in the property. 

Upon approval you will drop off your prorated rents directly to the apartment or property management company, obtain your renters insurance, get your required utility account numbers and schedule your movers and move in.

After approval and move in, build your credit by reporting your rent payments to the credit bureau.